Life is full of unexpected twists and turns and the path to figuring out our true essence can feel long and lonely.

I work with people looking for help with facing a life challenge or transition and help them get in touch with who they are, what they love and how they want to be living in the world. Through a process of deeply supported inquiry, I help my clients:

  • Discover how to live a whole life
  • Enjoy deep fulfillment in relationships
  • Explore loneliness and discover a greater connection with the world
  • Reestablish a relationship with your authentic self
  • Navigate transitions – whether in careers or relationships
  • Learn how to be a more effective member of society – in your job, your family, your community
Personal Coaching

“In a deep career-transition period in my life, second only to becoming a parent, Mary Beth has stood alongside me, helping me carve new channels for my soul’s purpose to “flow.” Her direct and supportive ability to ask questions generates ways for me to create visions for what I want. Having Mary Beth as my coach is absolutely vital because she intuitively sees connections that I do not see, creates space to bring voice to longing, and keeps me in action in creating my dream life.”

– T. Francene Watson, Clinical Assistant Professor, Washington State University