I bring everything I have learned – from my years of study, my many business endeavors, my experience as a wife and mother, and my personal challenges and triumphs – to my coaching. It is my goal to create an environment of safety and emotional support for my clients so they can dig deep, discover valuable solutions and live their best lives.

With over twenty years of professional experience, I bring many aspects of my background to my coaching, including:

Business acumen

I have run a successful in-home health consulting business and partnered with my husband on a number of business ventures. I have experience with many aspects of running a small business — from managing teams, raising money, and creating products, to securing patent approvals, manufacturing and design. This expertise allows me to better understand the challenges my clients face and provide counsel based upon years of my own experience in navigating the business world.

Education excellence

I have an MA in Education, an MA in Systems Counseling and Family and Marriage Therapy and I’m a certified NLP coach. The deep comprehension of human behavior I gained from my studies, along with my focus on professional coaching, enables me to tend to the whole person. Whether a client is experiencing anxiety, mild depression or the impacts of demanding life events, I can hold grief, discuss deep personal issues and help provide tools to empower clients to overcome challenges.

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My Opus

My “Opus” – my life’s work – is the way I show up in the world today. I have designed my life so I can seamlessly and joyfully devote myself to many roles: mother, wife, artist, business owner, woman.

It is my belief that everyone was born with something unique to bring the world – a gift that no one else can offer. And it is our duty to unearth, enrich and celebrate our masterpiece, our opus.

The “Fine Print”

When it comes to coaching, watching my clients grow, succeed and become whole is what lights me up. Whether it’s exceeding sales projections or discovering their authentic selves, witnessing those I work with flourish is one of my greatest joys.

In order to do my best work, and ensure my clients do theirs, I take an unconventional approach to coaching. You won’t find me in a windowless office with fluorescent lighting. Instead, I might take my clients on a hike through the woods to get to the bottom of their challenges. Or I’ll help them adopt a mindfulness practice – teaching them to center themselves so, when they’re not in session, they have tools to help them make better choices. I find inspiration for my clients everywhere – when I’m paddle boarding or tending my chickens or playing the piano.

Simply put, I love what I do. And I would love the opportunity to work with you to help you find the same joy in business and life that I have found in mine.

Mary Beth Anthony | Opus Coaching

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