The demands on today’s executives are significant – and ever-changing. They are called upon to effect a continuing transformation for themselves and their organizations.

I work with individuals to help them not only recognize their strengths – but uncover an even greater capacity for distinction at the workplace. And, recognizing that every executive demands a unique approach, I help my clients clarify precisely what they need to succeed and excel.

Through deep inquiry and actionable accountability, I help clients:

  • Navigate high pressure environments while remaining authentic
  • Adapt to change and navigate transition
  • Adopt effective conflict resolution strategies
  • Become respected leaders while at the same time making their teams shine
  • Focus simultaneously on creativity and productivity
  • Clearly identify missions and and deliver on goals
  • Become accountable in order to meet and exceed sales and productivity goals
Executive Coaching

“Mary Beth’s coaching has had a huge impact, both quantitatively and qualitatively. Her ability to counsel both my business and my psyche resulted in exponential sales growth, and a new view of myself in the world. I never imagined that so much could be adjusted in my methodology in so short a time.”

– Laura Martin, Owner/ Marketing Strategist, Red Rover Promotions